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Mobile hopper scale with a capacity of 450m³/hour for loading and unloading ships

The ROBBE mobile hopper scale is a discontinuous totalizing weighing equipment. This reliable weighing system is easy to move, so it can be stationed both on the quay as in the pilot.
Due to the limited overall height and charge height of 4.3m, this hopper scale can be loaded easily and fast with a quay crane as with a bulldozer. The built-in compressor allows an autonomic use, you must only connect 1x 400VAC.

The BR500XM is designed for products with a good mass flow and density of 0,4 to 0,8t/m³, it obtains a flow rate of 450m³ per hour where the installation doesn’t run yet at its maximum.
The engineering, fabrication, installation and verifying of this unit is fully executed by Bascules Robbe. Weigh-technically, this weighing system is controlled by a SIEMENS S7-1500 PLC with SIWAREX FTA weighing module. Hereby, the ROBBE mobile hopper scale can be verified according to the MID European directive R107 for commercial purposes.


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