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Bascules Robbe is VCA* certified.



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Department KIR of Bascules Robbe has a BELAC accreditation conform EN ISO/IEC 17020 for the inspection of wheiging instruments:

  • wheiging instruments class I to 1,110kg (min. division e= 0,001g d=0,0001g)
  • wheiging instruments class II to 65kg (min. division e= 0,01g d=0,001g)
  • wheiging instruments class III to 200t
  • wheiging instruments class IIII to 200t

For verified weighing instrument we have a homologation off the Belgian Metrology as ‘inspection organisation for weighing instruments”
Bascules Robbe may carry out legal inspection (e.g. reverify, seal after repair, etc) on non-automatic weighing instruments used for legal trade in accordance with the standard EN 45 401. In other words we have stamp duty and we may apply reverification stamps.

For non verified weighing instruments (e.g. instruments in production) our inspection method is added to our quality system according standard EN 45 501 en other standards (e.g. BENOR, GMP, BRC, etc)
We also take care of the static working (EN 45 501) of automatic weighing instruments where we provide certificates for your intern quality audit.